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SJ Business Support

Your Growth, Our Priority: Partnering with You to Support Your Business!


At SJ Business Support, we are dedicated to providing first-class, flexible admin and secretarial support tailored to your business needs.

As a business owner, focusing on core competencies is crucial, yet managing daily administrative tasks can steal valuable time from strategic growth.

At SJ Business Support, we provide comprehensive back-office solutions and enhance administrative efficiency.

Looking to outsource administrative tasks? SJ Business Support is your perfect partner.

Let us handle the details so you can focus on driving sales and being the face of your business.

Free yourself from administrative burdens and dedicate your energy to what you do best – driving your business forward! 

About SJ Business Support.

I’ve gathered a team of fantastic virtual assistants, and together, we’ve curated a special client portfolio comprising savvy business professionals and high-net-worth individuals.
What’s our superpower?

We specialise in rolling out the red carpet of comprehensive support—administrative, financial, and operational. Oh, and we’ve got the badge of Xero certification, showcasing our knack for payroll, budget wizardry, invoicing, and more!

Ever wondered about Virtual Assistants or Online Business Managers?
Think of us as your remote squad of personal assistants and business support gurus, here to tackle all those behind-the-scenes tasks.
Let’s talk savings!
With businesses eyeing cost-effective solutions, outsourcing back-office responsibilities has become a game-changer. Curious about the numbers? We’ve got a resource that breaks down the savings of hiring a virtual assistant. Keep scrolling!
Being part of the Society of Virtual Assistants is not just a membership; it’s a dedication to professionalism and quality in the world of virtual assistance.
Now, here’s the deal: Let’s team up and take your business to new heights!
It’s all about preventing burnout, promoting self-care, and working smarter, not harder.
We’re here to lighten your load—let’s make it happen!

Greetings, I’m Samantha

The owner of SJ Virtual Business Support.

Picture this: in 2020, after a solid stint as an Operations Manager, I took the leap to start this venture. During that time, I was in the trenches, supporting and collaborating directly with the CEO of a successful energy consultancy firm.

Now, let’s talk about juggling acts! Besides rocking it as a Virtual Assistant, I was also the Director of Operations at a Construction and Insulation company. That means I’m knee-deep in managing interactions with suppliers, contractors, and clients.

My journey spans nearly two decades across various sectors—public and private. I’ve honed my skills in admin, secretarial work, and financial support, especially during my time in local authority roles.

What can I do, you ask? Well, it’s a bit of a mixed bag! From secretarial magic to ace project and client management, plus getting cosy with accountants for all things reconciliation and invoicing.

Why do I do what I do? Because delivering a first-class service is my jam.

Oh, and on the professional side of things, I’m fully insured and registered with the ICO. Need certificates? Just give me a shout!

Let’s team up and make your business journey a breeze! 


Growing your business? 

Partnering with SJ Business Support is your most strategic move yet!

Our Services

Here at SJ Virtual Business Support Limited, we specialise in a broad array of virtual business support services aimed at improving your business’s operations, finances, and administration. While we’ve highlighted key services below, this overview is just the beginning of how we can help your business reach its goals.

Traditional PA / EA Support

Elevate your business efficiency and professionalism with our PA/EA support services, designed to streamline your administrative tasks. Services are flexible and tailored to your unique needs. Our offerings include:

Diary and Inbox Management: Keep your schedule and communications organised.

Gatekeeping and Call Handling: Manage access and field calls professionally.

Typing Services: Transcription and copy typing for professional documents.

Presentation and Document Creation: Convey your ideas with impactful presentations.

File Management: Expertise in Google Drive, OneDrive, and SharePoint.

Client Profile Management: Accurate record-keeping and client information management.

Finance-Related Support

We excel in delivering comprehensive finance-related administrative support. Our expertise, enhanced by our certification as a Xero Advisor and Payroll, includes:

Invoice Management: Efficiently sending invoices and diligently following up on quotes.

Payment Processing: Actively chasing payments to ensure timely receivables.

Account Reconciliation: Keeping track of outstanding invoices and maintaining transparent communication with clients.

Document Management: Safeguarding receipts and invoices, ensuring they are organised and readily available for accountants.

Expense Monitoring: Overseeing and managing expenses to maintain financial health.

Operational Management Support

Our approach is systematic, focusing on optimising various operational processes to ensure your organisation runs smoothly. Our services include:

Systems and Processes Development: Crafting tailored systems and processes to streamline your operations including CRM and automation. 

Process Manuals Creation: Designing comprehensive process manuals to ensure consistency and clarity in operations.

Client Onboarding Management: Streamlining the onboarding process for a smooth and welcoming client experience.

Client Transition Management: Handling the conclusion of client engagements with professionalism and efficiency.

Project Management: Overseeing projects from inception to completion, ensuring they are delivered on time and within budget.



At the heart of our pricing structure is a customer-centric approach.

We aim to build strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients by ensuring they have a positive and satisfying experience with us. This approach reflects our dedication to transparency, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness as we build partnerships based on trust and mutual benefit.

With us, clients are free to engage with our services as needed, allowing them to maintain control over their budget while receiving the support they require precisely when needed.

By choosing our services, you can be confident that you are getting the best value, flexibility, and support.




This offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness to users or clients.

Our clients are billed only for the services or resources they actually use.



Our commitment to our clients is to provide them peace of mind by not imposing any lock-ins with retainers.

Our clients do not pay for any dormant periods.



Time tracking software keeps records, tracks progress, and analyses time spent on tasks.

We strive to build long-lasting partnerships based on trust.



Start from £30.00 per hour.

We pay the costs of Tax, NI, Leave, Insurance, Software, Licences & more, allowing our clients to pay one flat rate.

Cost Comparison

It’s hard to quantify in your head the difference in costs overall between a virtual assistant and an employee.

When it’s set out in a table, the choice is stark. Looking at SJS Services, our average monthly client fee ranges from £300 to £800 – £1,000 per month for larger or very busy clients. Which sounds like a lot until you look at it over a year. £1000 a month spent with a virtual service would save you over £10,000 a year. Every year. Without the hassle of employing someone, no office politics, no paying for DOWN TIME & chats! And less stress…

Take a look at these figures – they may surprise you.

The figures included below are ONLY the necessary cost to the employer of wages.


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